"I have given you every herb." Genesis 1:29


LuAnne L

I was led to Cathy and her infinite wisdom about 16 years ago when I had been experiencing some difficult health issues that left me weak, drained of energy and looking as bad as I felt. With her knowledge, love and guiding light, my life, health and spirituality made a complete turn. I felt alive and energetic again. I became obsessed to also absorb the knowledge that she has and to also be able to help others turn their life and health around without the disillusions of modern medicine and its horrific side effects. I had had enough of that with the medication that I injected myself with 3 times a week for months, leaving me sicker and on partial disability. I cannot express enough the importance of taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. I also thank my dear friend, Cathy, for her intuitive healing talents that are far more advanced that most people genuinely know and her endless desire to make Nature's Essentials the very best healing center that it can possibly be. For those of you out there who are not well, or feeling tired, or just out of balance, PLEASE do yourselves a favor and go to Nature's Essentials to speak with Cathy, experience the wonderful healing services that she offers and open your mind and spirit to an alternative lifestyle that will rid your bodies of the "dis-ease" that consumes so many of us...... In love and good health to all....

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