"I have given you every herb." Genesis 1:29

Sheryl D Grekos, ND CNHP


Natural Wellness Consultant

The body is a well orchestrated system.  When one piece is not functioning correctly, a cascade of events can occur.

No matter the age or state of health, anyone can improve their quality of life if given the proper tools and good simple nutrition.  Sheryl’s goal is to help determine your individual needs in order to regain balance in your body and guide you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Her techniques include a foundational focus on diet and incorporate areas of natural health to achieve this goal.

Sheryl’s desire is to help you restore the balance needed in your life whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

Sheryl received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from The Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She completed her Doctor of Naturopathy with The Trinity School of Natural Health and holds two certifications as a Certified Natural Health Professional.

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Consultations are not intended to be a substitution for licensed physician’s treatment.